Dawson's Calib Perez commits to Duke

PEARLAND DAWSON — The Duke Blue Devils landed a big commitment, literally, when senior offensive tackle Calib Perez accepted a full scholarship following his senior year at Dawson.

Perez, who stands at 6-foot-6 and 285 lbs., should be a great asset on the offensive line for the Blue Devils once he finishes his high school career. Perez chose the Blue Devils over commutable scholarship offers from Baylor, Texas Tech, Texas Christian, Boise State, Boston College, and Minnesota.

"Calib is an outstanding young man that has grown up in the Pearland community," Dawson head coach Mike Allison said. "He has been blessed with size and talent, and is one of the hardest working kids (both on and off the field) that I have had the pleasure of coaching. Calib is a great example of what we want in the Dawson Football Family."

Athletes who attend Duke, not only have athletic talent, but they possess high intelligence.

"Duke develops athletes to compete at the highest level on the field but in the classroom as well," Perez said. "Not too many schools let athletes flourish in the classroom. Dawson academics have prepared me with the workload, but also the right teachers to help me not, only have good grades, but help me understand the actual concept."

While Perez was courted by several outstanding universities with visible athletics on the national scene, the Dawson tackle knows there is life after football in college.

"Duke was the best fit for me because of their emphasis on athlete's future outside of football with a family environment," Perez said. "I've always thought about being a businessman or being a pilot in my near future. Pearland ISD has helped me define my strengths, and weaknesses to help me decide on a subject I could be good for in the future.

"Dawson High School education and the football program develops students to compete at the highest level in the classroom. Pearland ISD has always emphasized that grades come first more than any extracurricular activities. Getting a degree is the biggest investment in my future, the education at Duke fits my goals on being successful outside of football."

As high school students begin to think about their future, it is always a great testimony when they look back at those who have influenced their lives and education.

"All of my teachers throughout Pearland ISD have influenced me to push myself on getting the best education available," Perez said. "Dawson football's coaching staff has influenced me to make top-notch grades, and always checking on us doing right in the classroom. Pearland ISD has always emphasized that grades come first more than any extracurricular activities.

"Coach Allison always has goals to follow to be successful, always A's and B's, Be respectful, Be on time, and NO zeros. This has put me in a position to go to Duke for football and academics."

The Dawson coaching staff will look to Perez, a home-grown product of Pearland, to provide strong leadership on and off the field during his senior year. The future is certainly bright for an outstanding student-athlete.