Bayway Chevrolet invests in Pearland's student-athletes

PEARLAND — When Pearland and Dawson High School football teams were placed in the same district and were scheduled to play one another for the first time five years ago -- Strickland Chevrolet stepped up to become the sponsor of the PearBowl when the two teams met.

Pearland won the first two meetings and Dawson won the next two contests to even the series at 2-2.

In 2018, Bayway owner Darryl Wischnewski purchased Strickland Chevrolet which then became Bayway Chevrolet and one of the first calls made to the Pearland ISD athletic department was to continue their sponsorship of the PearBowl.

Last summer, Bayway General Manager Lincoln Stahl met with Pearland ISD athletics and expressed his desire to increase the scholarship sponsorship of $10,000 for the PearBowl with $5,000 going to support the Booster Clubs and Fine Arts of each school.

Mr. Stahl suggested that Bayway give an additional $10,000 to each booster club and establish a Senior "Player of the Week" Scholarship on offense and defense ($500 for each player) during the regular season (10 games) for a total of $20,000 for the two schools.

For the 2018 football season, the Pearland Touchdown Club received $12,500 and the Dawson Football Booster Club received $12,500 while the Fine Arts (Cheerleaders, Drill Team, Band, and Color Guard) at each school received $2,500 for scholarship money for a total of $30,000.

Each recipient of a scholarship must present proof of enrollment of the college they will attend to receive the scholarship money so as to be good stewards of these donated funds.

Bayway Chevrolet is a vital part of the Pearland community and their generosity is to be commended and supported by the people of Pearland.