Bayway Chevrolet PearBowl scheduled for Friday, October 16

PEARLAND — The Bayway Chevrolet Pearland-Dawson football game, originally scheduled for Friday, November 20, has been moved to Friday, October 16 in a move prompted by game postponements from COVID-affected teams within the Alvin Independent School District.

Dawson was supposed to play at Shadow Creek on Thursday, October 15, and Pearland was to host Alvin on Friday, October 16.

Because the Alvin ISD schools (Alvin and Shadow Creek) had to postpone their games for the next two weeks, it left Pearland and Dawson with open dates this Friday.

“We felt like it would be a good idea to take advantage of an opening to play a district game,” Pearland ISD Athletic Director Ben Pardo said. “Ultimately, we want to protect the integrity of district play and make sure all district games get played.

“With Pearland and Dawson being open, we decided to see about the logistics of having it next week. Because the opportunity might be gone in week 7, 8, 9 or 10, we felt like this would be a great time to get this game in.”

“They’re still in Pearland so we’ll manage it a little different. Both bands will be there, which changes the stadium piece. We want to create an equitable situation for both schools.”

Pardo said no extra seating will be provided for the game.